I'm George Smith a Spanish Fashion Photographer, currently based in the beautiful city of New York. Dreamer who believes that all of us can make our best dreams through the power of the word and being able to turn my passion into my profession is a great privilege. I am very grateful to all the people who support me and make it happen every day.

Photography is my passion, since I was little I liked to create images Most of my photographs are taken outside where I free my imagination, it has no technique, a measure of the moment arises. It is a reflection of my creativity.

I can't rate my style but I was inspired by the culture of Brooklyn neighborhoods and their style. Evolve and always develop the most important goal in work and life.

Oh! Baby Gurl is different.

I started this website as a blog in 2010 showing the photos I made in Madrid and I was developing my taste for photography. Since then I have not stopped making my passion my profession.

Creating our own world from NYC

We have a very Chic style with creative sessions that are intended to create visually beautiful, artistic images surrounded by magic by the place where we make them. We are in New York and we want to show the whole essence of the city with our own fashion concept creating ideas to develop and move forward with fresh, dynamic, youthful air and a revolutionary approach.